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• The article talks about how global warming is affecting weather patterns and temperatures on Earth.
• It explains how human activities, such as burning fossil fuels and deforestation, are contributing to the increase in global temperatures.
• Finally, it outlines the steps that need to be taken to reduce carbon emissions and slow down climate change.

Global Warming: Effects On Weather Patterns & Temperatures

Causes of Global Warming

Global warming is caused by a variety of factors including burning fossil fuels, industrial activity, and deforestation. These human-caused activities add more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere which trap heat and increase global temperatures. This process is known as the “greenhouse effect” and it can have profound impacts on our planet’s climate.

Effects of Global Warming

As temperatures rise, so do extreme weather events like droughts, floods, hurricanes and heat waves. In addition to these natural disasters, rising sea levels due to melting ice caps pose an existential threat to coastal cities around the world. Warmer oceans also cause coral bleaching while hotter air can lead to smog build-up in cities with poor air quality regulation.

Solutions for Climate Change

If we want to protect our planet from further destruction due to global warming then drastic measures need to be taken now. Governments around the world need to implement policies that reduce carbon emissions by encouraging renewable energy sources like wind or solar power while discouraging reliance on fossil fuels. Additionally, individuals can take steps towards reducing their own carbon footprints by conserving energy in their homes or investing in electric vehicles instead of gas guzzlers.


In conclusion, global warming has already had devastating effects on our planet but if we act quickly we may still have a chance of reversing its course before it’s too late. Governments need to adopt more renewable energy sources while individuals should strive towards making eco-friendly lifestyle choices whenever possible. Together we can work towards preserving our beautiful planet for future generations!