Coinbase Listing Ignites KAVA Price Rally, Price Skyrockets to $1.1

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• Kava price skyrockets to $1.1 after Coinbase listing
• Kava is up 9% to trade at $1.02 during the early European session on Thursday
• Coinbase lists KAVA, igniting Kava price rally

The crypto market was buzzing with excitement on Wednesday after the US-based exchange, Coinbase announced that it will add support for KAVA (KAVA) on the Kava network. This news was met with enthusiasm as crypto investors rushed to be the first ones to buy the decentralized blockchain token.

The listing of KAVA on Coinbase pushed the token’s price up significantly. Kava price broke past several stubborn resistance zones and blasted through the seller congestion zone at around $0.80. Bulls were able to stretch the token past the $1.00 mark, reaching the $1.10 mark for the first time since early November. At the time of writing, Kava is up slightly over 9% to trade at $1.02 during the early European session on Thursday.

The listing of KAVA on Coinbase has given many investors in the crypto market an opportunity to invest in the decentralized blockchain token. KAVA is tapping the power of both the Cosmos and Ethereum networks, making it a great investment opportunity. Coinbase has warned investors not to send the token to other networks but to the Kava network, to avoid losing funds. Inbound transfers for KAVA have been supported on Coinbase and Coinbase Exchange in the regions where trading is allowed.

The future of KAVA looks bright as the listing on Coinbase has opened up the token to a wider audience. This has, in turn, resulted in an increase in its price and many investors are hopeful that the price will continue to rise. With the current price of $1.02, many investors are viewing this as a great opportunity to invest in this promising token.

Overall, the listing of KAVA on Coinbase has been met with great enthusiasm and the token has seen an impressive price surge. With its increasing popularity, KAVA is becoming an attractive investment option for many investors. Investors are advised to take advantage of this opportunity and invest in KAVA for greater returns in the future.