Crypto Mining in Buncombe County: Moratorium or Ban?

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• Buncombe County in North Carolina is considering a moratorium on crypto mining facilities due to the noise they create for local residents.
• The moratorium is similar to New York’s where crypto companies cannot operate for two years, though some officials are calling for a full-on ban.
• The government of Buncombe County is still considering their options and taking into account the potential job opportunities that could be created by these mining facilities.

Buncombe County Considers Crypto Mining Moratorium

Buncombe County in North Carolina doesn’t like the fact that so many crypto miners have set up operations within its borders. Officials of the region are now considering taking a page out of New York’s books and establishing a temporary moratorium on crypto mining facilities.

The Moratorium

New York was one of the first regions in recent years to create a crypto moratorium. Right now, the time through which crypto companies cannot set up shop in New York is two years, though there are several regulators out there that want the period extended. Buncombe County is now considering something similar, though there are a few people in high-ranking city positions that are pushing for more than a moratorium and instead feel that a full-on crypto mining ban is the right choice to make.

Reasoning Behind Moratorium

The situation is rough because the machines tend to be quite noisy along with the fans that are consistently running as a means of keeping the said rigs cool so that they don’t overheat and break down. This is causing a wide array of problems for those living within the region’s borders, and city officials don’t want to put anyone nearby through more trouble. In addition, while there are some that have argued these mining facilities have potentially given rise to new jobs and employment opportunities for residents, the local government doesn’t feel that these numbers have been high enough to warrant the growing mining presence.

Decision Pending

The government of Buncombe County hasn’t said for sure if such a moratorium will be put in place yet – they’re still considering their options and taking into account all factors involved before making any decisions about it moving forward.


At this time it remains unclear whether or not Buncombe county will institute this proposed crypto mining moratorium or go forward with an outright ban on such activities altogether; however, it appears citizens living within its borders may soon get some relief from loud machines disrupting their peace and quiet either way!