Crypto Network Solana Sets Up Shop in NY: 75% of Space for Free Co-Working!

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• Crypto Network Solana is opening a new office in New York City.
• The state of New York has been anti-crypto over the past few years, implementing restrictive bills such as the BitLicense and instituting a crypto moratorium.
• Solana will occupy 25,000 square feet in a multiple-story building in downtown Manhattan.

Crypto Network Solana Sets Up Huge Office in New York

The popular crypto network Solana is opening a new office in downtown Manhattan, New York. The office will occupy roughly 25,000 square feet in a multiple-story building.

An Unusual Match

Solana is presently the tenth largest digital currency by market capitalization. The news is odd for several reasons, one being that several brick-and-mortar, Solana-themed locations and stores in both New York and Miami just shut down, suggesting the area hasn’t offered Solana the popularity or attention it clearly felt it deserved.

In addition, it’s interesting that Solana would choose New York as its place of residence given that the Empire State has proven to be quite anti-crypto over the past several years and continues to do so. Not long ago, a crypto moratorium in the region was instituted as a means of preventing any new digital currency mining companies from stepping in and setting up quarters within the state’s borders.

New York’s Restrictive Bills

It was decided that only those who chose to run fully on clean, renewable energy could gain access to New York territory. Furthermore, Leticia James – New York’s present Attorney General – has gone after every digital currency company she can with full force and steam. She has sued several institutions from Celsius to Ku Coin to Coin Ex, and it doesn’t look like this string of lawsuits is going to stop anytime soon.

Leticia James’s Actions

She has stated in the past that this is a measure to try and prevent further fraud and corruption in the digital currency industry but considering her actions against President Donald Trump , as well as New York’s implementation of restrictive bills such as the BitLicense , one can’t help but see her actions as just more attempts to end innovation in her state.

Solana’s Plans for NYC

Nevertheless, it appears – for now, at least – like New York is the spot Solana has chosen. A spokesperson for the company explained in a statement: „Solana Labs did not purchase the space. Solana Labs is a tenant of 141 E Houston St [building]. The company has a ten-year lease and occupies floors [six through nine]. 75 percent of the space is reserved for Solana ecosystem teams to co-work for free upon approval.“

NYCEDC President Andrew Kimball

New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) president and CEO Andrew Kimball also threw his two cents into this discussion by stating: „We are thrilled that Solano Labs chose our city… We look forward to working with them closely on their journey toward continued success.“