Developers announced a major update to Wasabi’s bitcoin wallet

zkSNACKs has announced a new version (2.0) of its Wasabi bitcoin wallet with a new user interface and implementation of a protocol for CoinJoin transactions called WabiSabi.

According to zkSNACKs, in Wasabi 2.0 „manual CoinJoin setup will be a thing of the past or will only be available to experienced users“ and the entire coin mixing process will be automated.

„Wasabi 2.0 is a next-generation wallet for privacy on the bitcoin network. This wallet will finally make privacy available to any bitcoin user, not just to technically savvy people,“ the developers say.

The WabiSabi protocol, according to zkSNACKs, will provide faster transactions and lay the foundation for payments to CoinJoin.

CoinJoin in the current version of Wasabi Wallet requires participants to deposit a certain number of bitcoins to mix coins; with WabiSabi users can deposit any amount they want (more details: the Wasabi Wallet team is working on a protocol that will allow mixing different bitcoin amounts).

According to developers‘ estimates, the wallet release will take place ‚at best‘ in 3 months (95% probability of missing). „The ‚most likely scenario‘ assumes a release in 9 months (pass probability 50%) and the ‚worst scenario‘ assumes a release in 14 months (pass probability 5%).

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