Donald Trump’s NFT Collection: Prices & Sales Soar 600% in 2 Days

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• Donald Trump’s Digital Trading Card NFT collection initially sold out, then prices and sales skyrocketed before abruptly plummeting.
• Sales have recently started to soar once again, with total daily sales volume increasing by approximately 800%.
• Average sale prices have also increased, with the cheapest-listed NFT currently worth $454 worth of ETH.

The NFT market has been incredibly volatile lately, and much of it has been condensed into the first five weeks of Donald Trump’s NFT collection’s existence. The collection, which features digital trading cards with images of the former president, was initially mocked upon its release. However, the cards sold out quickly, and the prices and sales skyrocketed before abruptly plummeting.

Recently, the sales of the official Trump Digital Trading Card collection have started to soar once again. From Tuesday to Wednesday, the total daily sales volume increased by approximately 800%, going from about $34,000 to over $306,000. Data from analytics platform CryptoSlam, which currently shows almost $241,000 in sales so far today, supports this. The site’s 24-hour trade volume increased by 1,900% at one point this morning in comparison to the prior reporting period.

As the number of NFTs sold increased from Tuesday to Wednesday, so did the average sale price. Tuesday saw 115 transactions in total, with an average sale price of $296 worth of ETH per NFT. But yesterday, the totals increased to 704 NFTs exchanged at an average price of $435 per. The average price of sales so far today is roughly $670.

Data from NFT Floor Price also shows that the starting price has roughly doubled from $235 worth of ETH at the beginning of Wednesday to $454 as of this writing. NFT Floor Price tracks the price of the cheapest-listed NFT for projects across prominent marketplaces. This morning, it reached $500 momentarily.

Despite the recent surge in sales and prices for Donald Trump’s NFT collection, it remains to be seen if it will be able to retain its current level of popularity. Still, it’s an interesting development in the ever-evolving NFT market, and it will be interesting to see how the sales and prices continue to fluctuate in the coming days and weeks.