Ethereum is targeting $ 780, while these 3 indicators do not rule out an early market correction

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The Ethereum (ETH) price rises and falls. The picture shows an Ethereum Coin and price candles in the background.

While everyone is watching the Bitcoin course with awe, it is worth looking to the left and right from time to time due to the high correlation of most cryptocurrencies with one another. In the case of Bitcoin , of course, all that remains is to look down and the first thing we see there is Ethereum . Therefore, today we want to devote ourselves to an extensive Ethereum course analysis in order to filter out how the crypto market is currently doing.

We want to examine the current upswing at ETH from two different directions. It gets interesting because both perspectives weight opposing scenarios differently. According to the bullish point of view, the Ethereum course is already targeting $ 780. The bearish view, on the other hand, sees a drop in prices as low as $ 455 as possible.

In this analysis I will show that, according to the technical chart analysis, both perspectives are justifiable variants with valid arguments. At the end we will try to decide which of the two variants is the more likely. $ 780 or $ 470 – what would you like? Let’s find out together!

Ethereum rate of $ 780 or more

Because it currently suits the mood of the market so well, let’s first look at the bullish perspective for the Ethereum course.

An ascending triangle can be read off the daily chart based on the price movements, which is considered a reliable and bullish pattern. With the help of this bullish pattern, one could theoretically have predicted the recent upward breakout of the Ethereum price.

At first glance, the pattern seems to correspond to the ideal type. The horizontal upper trend line was a clear resistance, while the upward trend line represented the support line for the Ethereum price. Together they form the ascending triangle.

Both trend lines are touched by the price often enough and the volume development seems to fit the pattern perfectly. After the breakthrough, the Ethereum price also seems to have already converted the upper trend line into its new support line. So you could say that everything is currently going according to the textbook.

Ethereum price forecast, ETH price

As I have already drawn in the above chart, a minimum price target can be calculated with the help of the chart formation. We get this by measuring the height of the formation and then projecting it onto the upper horizontal trend line. This gives us the minimum price target of $ 780 for the Ethereum course.

In the case of an ascending triangle, the minimum price target is reached in 89% of the cases after the breakthrough. In other words, according to this chart formation, a further price increase for ETH of 20% or more is very likely.

So much for the bullish view of current events. Now let’s take a look at a more pessimistic account of the current situation.