Former Google attorney is the next senior lawyer in the crypto industry

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Coinbase is hiring another top lawyer and is possibly preparing an IPO.

Coinbase crypto exchange announced on Friday that it had appointed Milana McCullagh, a former senior lawyer at Google, as its new assistant legal counsel for products and commerce

McCullagh, who was with Google for 13 years, is supposed to take on a number of legal tasks at Coinbase with regard to the product range of the crypto exchange, and to help this overall to optimize its compliance for new products.

The appointment of McCullagh is on the one hand another chapter in the wave of lawyers hiring from Crypto Bank and on the other hand it underscores the trend that more and more crypto companies are bringing high-ranking lawyers into their own ranks.

Between August and October, Coinbase hired Katherine Minarik, the former senior lawyer at Dyson Ltd., as the new assistant litigation director, Carly Nuzbach Lowery, a former senior lawyer at Uber Technologies London, as co-lead legal affairs, Jade Clemons, hired a former lawyer from Fenwick as commercial legal advisor; and Janice Payne, former director of internal legal affairs at CLS Group Holdings AG, as the new director of compliance.

The wave of hiring from Coinbase is intended to bring legal expertise to the company and at the same time to dispel concerns about the legal compliance of the crypto exchange, which is all the more important in the run-up to a possible IPO.

The San Francisco-based crypto company had already spoken to investment banks and law firms about the possibility of an IPO earlier this year

An interesting footnote to the efforts of Coinbase is that the crypto exchange last on knocking , has their workforce in „political neutrality“ exercises. Accordingly, political discussions and expressions of opinion should no longer take place in the work environment, which has led almost 60 employees to leave the company.