Say No to Biden: Time to End Crypto Suffering

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• Joe Biden has been the most destructive leader in American history, causing prices to go up and the Federal Reserve to hike interest rates.
• Crypto traders have been significantly impacted by Biden’s weak economic policies and his trillion-dollar spending bills, leading to Bitcoin’s 70% drop in value.
• In addition, Biden has sought to penalize crypto traders while profiting from virtual assets himself and using stolen funds for his 2020 campaign.

Joe Biden’s Destruction of America

Joe Biden has arguably been America’s most destructive leader since taking office two years ago. The economy has taken a nosedive with inflation at an all-time high, food and gas prices soaring, crime increasing, and the U.S. border becoming thinner than ever before. Millions of undocumented migrants are entering the country each month, leading even members of Biden’s own party to criticize his actions in this regard.

Biden’s Impact on Crypto Traders

Crypto fans and digital currency traders have had it particularly hard due to Joe Biden’s weak economic policies resulting in trillion-dollar spending bills that have caused prices to skyrocket across the board along with continuously rising interest rates that make it difficult for many individuals to afford cars or homes due to loan costs. This rate hikes led Bitcoin (which reached an all-time high of $68K per unit in 2021) to plummet 70% within 12 months ending 2022 at less than $17K – costing crypto traders time and money.

Biden Penalties for Crypto Trading

Worse yet, Joe Biden has initiated an infrastructure bill secretly designed to scrutinize crypto traders beginning in 2024 as well as hiring 87K new IRS agents dedicated towards monitoring activities involving virtual assets – ultimately aiming at shutting out crypto from the financial ecosystem entirely. His hypocrisy knows no bounds as he profits from these same assets while punishing those who use them – having also collected money from criminals like Sam Bankman-Fried during his 2020 election campaign using stolen crypto funds nonetheless!

Enough is Enough!

It is clear that Joe Biden does not have any true interest in helping Americans or cryptocurrency traders alike given his multitude of destructive policies throughout his time as president so far – leaving citizens unable to pay their loans or take advantage of other financial opportunities available due to towering interest rates; something must be done about this!

Calling All Crypto Fans: Vote Him Out!

For this reason, November 2024 can’t come soon enough for everyday Americans as well as crypto fans so that we can finally vote Joe Biden out of office once and for all! It is up to us now more than ever before make sure that we put our foot down against such incompetency or else suffer further consequences over the next two years if nothing changes – let us do what needs doing so that future generations don’t fall victim again like we did when he took office two years ago!