Trace Your Fashion: Birla Cellulose Uses Blockchain to Ensure Full Product Traceability

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• Birla Cellulose is using blockchain technology to provide full product traceability.
• Their blockchain network, Green Track, captures the traceability of every item from origin to final product.
• This helps ensure sustainability of fashion products and provides transparency for stakeholders and shareholders.


Birla Cellulose is a company that’s utilizing blockchain technology to ensure all customers know where their products are coming from, where everything is sourced, and that everything is sustainable.

What Is Blockchain?

Blockchain is designed to give everything full transparency. It’s mostly used in crypto transactions to record all the data and give everyone full awareness of who’s involved and where the money is going, but there are many industries in which blockchain is now being applied so that consumers and businesses partners can see where products and services derive from and where they wind up.

How Is Birla Cellulose Utilizing Blockchain?

Birla Cellulose focuses on sustainably sourced, man-made cellulosic fiber products certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI). The goal is to have proof of record for every product showing that they do, indeed, stem from the manufacturing plants and warehouses of Birla Cellulose. Vaishali Kamble – assistant general manager of business development at the company – gave the following statement about blockchain use: Sustainability in textiles is a growing trend in the fashion industry as consumers are more conscious and aware of the environmental impact. Consumers are shifting their behavior to buy and use clothing that is sustainable and kind to the environment. The blockchain helping the company in its present endeavors is one produced by Kamble and his fellow executives known as “Green Track” which fully captures traceability of each item starting with origin ending with final product indiscriminately shared with both stakeholders & shareholders alike.

Benefits Of Blockchain For Traceability

Tiana Quinny – manager of fiber traceability at Birla Cellulose – commented: Current chain-of-custody processes fall short in physical or material authentication; however, with our new system powered by blockchain technology we can track each step of production right from raw material sourcing through manufacturing into garments giving us an efficient way to maintain authenticity & quality assurance for our textiles while ensuring sustainable practices throughout our process chain enabling us to make informed decisions regarding our materials & operations accordingly…


In conclusion, Birla Cellulose has implemented a revolutionary system powered by blockchain technology that allows them not only to ensure full product traceability but also sustainability within their operations while providing transparency for all stakeholders & shareholders involved throughout this process chain including raw material sourcing till final product delivery thus optimizing efficiency & quality assurance within their entire textile production cycle